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  • What qualifications do I need to work as a lifeguard with H2O?
    All H2O lifeguards must have current NLS (national lifeguard service) and Standard First Aid with CPR C qualifications. Instructor, examiner, and pool operator courses are assets, but not required. Some pools have language requirements (most commonly, the ability to speak English or French).
  • Do I need lifeguarding experience to work with H2O?
    Experience as a lifeguard is an asset but not required for standard lifeguarding positions. If you wish to work as a head-lifeguard or a supervisor, you must have lifeguarding experience.
  • Do I need Red Cross or Lifesaving Society water safety instructors qualifications?
    You do not need an Instructor Qualification to work as a lifeguard with H2O.
  • What is the application and interview process?
    You can apply for any position with H2O by applying to a current opening on our website, and uploading your resume and cover letter. Please include the name of the position you are applying for. If you have taken NLS, please ensure to indicate that in your resume. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a member of our Human Resources Department. They will set up a date and time to meet at our office for a 15-20 minute interview. You will need to bring your qualifications and a piece of photo ID to the interview. After your interview, your application will be reviewed by Human Resources and selected employees will be contacted by email with job offers.
  • When will I start working?
    Your expected start date will be mentioned in your employment offer. Typically H2O’s summer outdoor pools open between the May long weekend and July 1st. Our sessions throughout the year start in September and again in January.
  • What training will I receive prior to working?
    All H2O seasonal employees will receive three training sessions: an office training with human resources, a group lifeguard and health and safety training, and an on-site orientation from your supervisor. Non-seasonal employees are generally given their lifeguard and health and safety training one on one or in small groups with their supervisor.
  • What types of pools will I work at?
    H2O manages pools in condominium corporations, apartment buildings, hotels and beaches. Most of these pools are smaller than municipal pools, and have a smaller bather load. Most H2O pools have a maximum capacity of 30 bathers (in the water and on the pool deck).
  • Will I be lifeguarding alone?
    H2O has both single and multiple lifeguarded pools. We provide training to all employees in handling emergency situations alone. If you are not comfortable working at a single lifeguard pool, you will not work at a single lifeguard pool. You will be asked for your preference in your interview.
  • Who will supervise me?
    H2O has Recreation Managers and Lifeguard Supervisors. All managers and supervisors have at least 3 years of lifeguarding and head lifeguarding experience, as well as extensive training on health and safety, pool operations, customer service, and employee management. Your supervisor will visit your pool at least twice a week or more, and is always available on their cell phone if you have any questions. We also have an emergency line that you can call in the event you cannot reach your supervisor.
  • What is the uniform?
    All H2O lifeguards must wear an H2O lifeguard t-shirt, H2O red bathing suit, H2O baseball hat (outdoors only) and whistle while lifeguarding. H2O hats are strongly encouraged to be worn outdoors. Long sleeve shirts and hoodie sweatshirts are available for purchase from the office.
  • My NLS and First Aid are expiring soon, can I still apply?
    Yes, you can still apply for a position with H2O, but you will not be able to work until you recertify. H2O has multiple recertifications every year. Visit the courses page for more information.
  • Do you only hire lifeguards in the summer? Can I work throughout the year?
    H2O is open year round. We have many indoor pools and recreation centers. Full time and part time positions are available year round. For more information, please contact Human Resources at 613-789-4020 ext 2.
  • My friend wants to work as a lifeguard. My friend is a good swimmer, but doesn't have any qualifications. Can they work at H2O?
    H2O can train your friend to be a lifeguard in less than 3 months. Qualifications are done through the Royal Lifesaving Society of Ontario and are valid across Canada. See here for more information.
  • I am a certified lifeguard, but was certified outside of Canada with another organization. Can I work as a lifeguard?
    To work as a lifeguard in Ontario and Quebec, you must be certified through the Lifesaving Society of Canada. It is best to contact the Lifesaving Society to see exactly what you need to convert your qualifications. H2O may be able to help you with courses and other conversions. Contact Human Resources at 613-789-4020 ext 2 for more information.
  • Does H2O have an emergency line?
    Yes! H2O has a 24/7 emergency phone line. It is not directed to EMS or a call center. The emergency line is monitored by a real H2O employee who knows your pool and can answer your question.
  • Does H2O have employee recognition awards?
    H2O gives employee recognition awards to outstanding employees throughout the year. Awards include movie tickets, gift certificates and other prizes.
  • I have other questions about H2O. Who can I contact?
    For more information on H2O or our career opportunities, please contact Human Resources at 613-789-4020 ext 2 or You can also view our facebook page.
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