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Lifeguard GAZE

Harnessing AI for Unparalleled Safety

Dive into the future with H2O Amenity Group’s "Lifeguard Gaze," our transformative surveillance technology tailored for today's needs. As global expertise in swimming and awareness of water safety have significantly declined, particularly among new citizens, "Lifeguard Gaze" is more crucial than ever:

  • Advanced Monitoring Technology: Employs gaze detection to ensure vigilant and focused supervision.

  • Adaptive Training Solutions: Equips lifeguards with modern tools to address the decreased water safety knowledge.

  • Enhanced Safety Protocols: Utilizes real-time data to increase responsiveness and effectiveness.

  • Global Relevance: Addresses the urgent need for improved water safety training amid shifting demographics.

  • Seamless Integration: Installs effortlessly, with minimal impact on daily operations.

  • Strategic Improvement: Focuses on enhancing the "10:30 scan system" to meet contemporary challenges.

  • Collaborative Pilot Program: Invites participation in a 1 year pilot to refine and advance our lifeguard services.

Join us in revolutionizing aquatic safety with "Lifeguard Gaze," where cutting-edge technology meets the critical need for comprehensive water safety training!

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